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You live according to your thought!

- Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar

About Dr. Commander Selvam:

Swamiji Dr. Commander Selvam also known as Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar, a.k.a. Annamalai Annamalai, is an authority of Vedic astrology and India's Atharva veda.

He has published thousands of articles about vedic astrology and Atharva veda in the American newspapers. He has published numerous articles in various newspapers such as: Tamil Times, Telgu Times, India west, India Journal, India post, South Asian Insider, Siddhi Times, and Karma, in America. He has founded 6 Hindu Mandirs /Temples in America, and has also constructed the only Hindu Mandir in the USA with the Atharva Vedic Agama(Condition) in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar, is the founder of numerous Hindu temples in the USA and India. Presently he is the only Swamiji who knows the practice of atharva veda in western countries including North America.


What is H2O? (Hydrogen + Oxygen)

A scientific explanation with proportion

It they combine water is produced. It is liquid. Hydrogen is gas and oxygen is gas. They are not solids. They exist in AIR. They are invisible. But nature grants the combination as liquid. It is visible now and touchable now. The living beings and the human community need this essential substance for lively hood.

So the need for living water is a must. This serves the life. A student needs Books for his studies. An youngster needs certificate of graduation for his job. Totally the human life is based on needs.

Different age group, different gender, different Professions and somany varieties of needs are surrounded in every body’s life.

Family with sufficient facilities are there. Family with insufficient facilities are there. Every body’s need will be for comfort. It is one’s birth right to get achievement.

Who could guide and lead?

On the titles of parents, teachers, job givers, traders partners, friends and lovers will be there in any one of the format fulfill the needs of a person.

When the status of a person begins rise step by step, the kinds of problems will also increase side by side.
  • For a poor, the financial position will be a head ache.
  • For a moneyed person the health problems and unwanted troubles will be interfering.
  • For wedded couple smooth atmosphere in family will be a question.
  • For youngsters, the problem of love will be on their way.
  • For the duty conscious Servent’s the salary will be less and they will feel sorrow.
  • For the multi milliners the tension litigation and court matters will be more.
  • Waiting after long durations, yet the children issue will be prevailing for couples Earning quite suitable for one’s ability and fitness will be far away.

    All such kinds of difficulties will be commonly prevailing in the life of a human

    The sages and saints in olden days found solutions by way of fore telling the occurrences through the help of planets.

    All over the universe, irrespective of Religions, if it is Sunday for one person it is once for all Sunday for every person. Sun is represented for Sunday.

  • Moon is represented for Monday
  • Mars is represented for Tues day
  • Mercury is represented for Wednesday
  • Jupiter is represented for Thursday
  • Venus is represented for Friday and
  • Saturn is represented for Saturday
  • All the countries have accepted uniformly these days with full hearted acceptances. Our fore fathers unitedly made a faith in their specific names of the days. The decisions of sages and their methods of teachings to were spread all over the world.

    Thus the importance of ones birth in which day took place? and in which month and date it took place were calculated with the positions of planets around sun.

    The sky is space with ether. Unlimited space with no boundaries immeasurable in area where full of stars, fossils, planets and comets are accommodated. Our earth is circling around sun. In 365 ¼ days it should make a full round around the sun. It is the system known to the universal people. For the person living on earth there are certain factors side lining the system of earth.

    Such factors are divinely secrets based purely with sun and its family of other planets. Invisible gases of hydrogen and oxygen make water means it is perfect system based on perfect proportion and temperature prevailed.

    Human life is also based on such systems which relate to the gravitations of sun and its family. Several thousand years back this secret was revealed by sages and saints. They observed a link between God and earthly life years and years were spent and they took the instruments of meditation and yoga. Godliness and the divinely inheritance were very closer to their approach. They gained the power to assist the human society for the peaceful living towards happiness.

    Sages have defined the world as Boologa. It is Sanskrit language. Phool means flower and Loga means earth. This earth is covered by water in a proportion of two by three. The land is in a proportion of one by three. So the major area is covered by water. Without water the flower cannot blossom. It is H2O which keeps the earth with living beings and plants. Specifically it is paradise for human community.

    Here the path shower, Indian born saint swamiji Siddhar Selvam having built and established many Hindu Temples at India as well as USA has now graciously obliged render assistance to the human society by way of telephonic conference through our Ashram ….

    I pandit Rajagopala ayya had several incidences to have the spiritual sat sanga with swamiji Siddhar Selvam. On one occasion he asked me to show the direction ‘East’. I showed him the direction east by directing my hand towards east. “Is the answer correct forever?” He asked me. I replied him firmly one hundred one percent it will be correct.

    He laughed and told “this direction will be west” silence prevailed a moment. How could be possible? This cannot be. This is east for ever I argued.

    He replied softly. This month is April. Period of summer we enjoy. It is UthraYana the earth’s transit is taking place over the region of Zodiac sign “ARIES” preferably after fifth month the transit of earth will be over the sign LIBRA. By that time earth will be crossing on the other side of sun. The earth will be enjoying the winter That is DhakshinaYana. The direction conformed today as east will be automatically west during winter”.

    Even though the science and geography are the subjects I have studied the timely utilization is not helping in proper time. I felt sorry for myself. I should have used the words “Time Being” in my answer. I should have told as “It is time being East” Any way it is late thought. The earthly life seems to be illusion. Yet the life is granted by God one should certainly live with his expectations. Swamiji handle the matter with perfection and the actual words he used are guiding the deciples and visitors to attain the maturity.

    He often use to say that a patient will always need quick recovery “Diagnosis the disease not through pulse but trough eyes” will be the divinely route he used to employ on all of his patients.

    To be or not to be?

    Several persons involve in different difficulties. The shakespear’s quoting “to be or not to be” will be ruling status over the big sufferers. They could not find the way to relieve. For such persons Swamiji will call for the particulars of date of Birth After casting the Birth chart the process of pain Relief will be intimated to the concerned persons. Physically affected persons are prescribed by siddha medicines Mentally affected persons are guided with prayer practices. Jadu and Evil affected persons will be treated with ADHARVA VEDHA PRACTICES.

    Very special way of going deep into the Birth chart will produce the result of time being what is happening. Creating self confidence is most important. That stage is a Brave step if seeded the resistance power will automatically guide the mental strength. Sufferings deemed to be knowned out. Ambitions deemed to be met with achievements. When a person stands before a mirror, it will reflect the personality and the innerstrength of that person. The parameter is inner strength. The necessity to gain the strength by means of either mental exercise or physical strength will be properly instructed by Swamiji during the course of conference.

    Greediness , Arrogance, illtreatment, crewket behavior poisoning the mind, sex with boast desire impotency longing for pregnancy, divorce mentality, vengeance, quarrels, childless life, drink adiet, love failure are so many talks which cross in human life. Swamiji Siddhar Selvam within this middle age guided thousands and thousands of people all over universe. It is now Ashram has invited him to grant his blessings to the benefit of people from all over world.

    Really it is an opportunity for sufferers. All your sorrows and troubles you can Email us. We put your requests before him and advise the remedial process.